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Julie Montinieri, EMP
Julie Montinieri
Energy Medicine Practitioner


Energy Medicine Practitioner, Blue Heron Healing, Wethersfield, CT.  Provide hands-on energy balancing and intuitive insight to diverse clientele for deep relaxation, pain and stress relief.  Session realigns client with her own deepest wisdom.  2008-present

Co-Creator/Facilitator, Journey to Self: Beyond Anxiety and Depression, a therapeutic group combining cognitive behavioral therapy and holistic healing. Provide complimentary coping strategies and healing practices to support clients engaged in group therapy. Fall 2016-present

Meditation Instructor, Blue Heron Healing. Teaching includes breath work, progressive relaxation and guided imagery for deep relaxation and stress relief. 2012-present.

Presenter, Blue Heron Healing. Lead solstice, equinox, full and new moon ceremonies. Aligning with the cycles of nature for optimal creativity. 2014-present

Author, The Blessings of Breast Cancer, The Door Opener, December 2012. (See home page.)

Teaching Assistant, Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, Fall 2009- Spring 2010

Speaker, What is Energy Medicine? A Journey of Transformation


Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, Bloomfield, CT. 700-hour curriculum (approved by the State of CT) included energy system anatomy, hands-on energy healing techniques, case studies, personal defenses, acupressure, intensive personal/professional growth. Fall 2005-Spring 2009 

Reiki Master. Certified in Reiki I, II, III and Master Practitioner level by Alice Moore, Director of Integrative Medicine, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT.

Guided Self-Healing. Studied basic protocol for using muscle testing to receive information not available to the conscious mind. Guided Self-Healing Training Institute, 2014

Family Constellations: Overcoming Obstacles from the Past, April 2016

The Shamanic Journey: Learning to Access the Inner Realms, Spring 2015

Awakening the Illuminated Heart, April 2014


Hebrew Health Care, West Hartford, CT. Provided energetic support for elderly residents to relieve pain and ease chronic conditions. Served Alzheimer's and dementia patients as well as short-term rehab clients recovering from surgery, stroke or broken bones. Provided insight on mind-body connections to facilitate holistic healing. September 2008-April 2009

St. Francis Hospital, Hartford, CT. Provided bio-energetic balance for patients in labor, receiving chemotherapy or recovering from surgery, stroke, heart attack, alcoholism. Many in acute pain. September 2007-April 2008

100% of patients surveyed reported significant pain relief.


Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals. Practitioner member, maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct and strictly adhering to the AMBP Code of Ethics.


Member, Wethersfield Women for Progress

Vice-Chair, Wethersfield Board of Education, 2006-2010

Town Councilor, Town of Wethersfield, 2004-2006

Member and Co-Chair, Wethersfield Schools Parent Council, 1998-2010

Mentor, Hartford Public Schools, 2006-present

References available upon request.

Healing Room
What is Energy Medicine? 

Your energy system is like your circulatory or respiratory system, except it’s invisible and it extends beyond the borders of your physical body. You can sense it—you know when your energy is “up” because you feel healthy and vital. When it’s not, you’re sick, tired, or can’t concentrate. Your energy system consists of seven energy centers, or chakras, that exist along a vertical pathway aligned with your spine. You are tuned in to these centers, perhaps without even knowing it. Every time your stomach clenches, your throat constricts, your shoulders tense up or you stretch to relieve your stiff neck—that’s a chakra sending you a message. Each center is a swirling vortex (chakra means “spinning disk’) of light that processes specific energies.

Exactly what energies are “metabolized” by these chakras?
The first chakra reflects your basic sense of physical safety and security.  It may also reflect family-of-origin issues. (Almost everyone on the planet has issues they inherited from their “tribe.”)  If you have problems with your feet or knees, are frequently sick, over or under-weight, suffer from IBS, are anxious, disorganized or fearful of change, your first chakra is either running too high (excessive) or too low (deficient). As safety, security and family issues are resolved, balance ensues—you feel healthy, vital, grounded and secure.

Each of the remaining six chakras reflects similar dynamics. The second chakra is our emotional identity; it resonates with our need for movement, pleasure, sexuality. In the third chakra we have our ego identity. This is where we come into our own, developing self-esteem, will power and pro-activity. Our social identity is found in our fourth chakra, where we experience love and relationship. Our creative identity resonates in our throat (fifth) chakra where we express ourselves. At our sixth chakra our archetypal identity contains our imagination, intuition and insights. Finally, in the seventh chakra, we have our universal identity, where we experience transcendent union with others and the divine.

Disruptions in the flow of life force energy through these vital centers results in physical symptoms and may reflect unresolved emotional issues associated with the respective chakra. 

How does energy therapy work?
As an energy medicine practitioner (also called an energy therapist or energy healer) I am trained to evaluate your overall energy system. To do so, I place my hands over each chakra to assess its condition. I sense whether the energy is excessive or deficient. Sometimes it’s not flowing at all—it’s completely blocked. I treat each chakra by allowing calming, replenishing or balancing energy to flow through—whatever is needed. I am a conduit for healing energy (also called prana, qi, life force energy, or grace) to flow in. This brings your entire energy system into better balance.

Can you just treat my pain/stress/fatigue/anxiety?  I’m not comfortable sharing emotional issues.
Some clients prefer hands-on healing for pain relief or deep relaxation only. You may not be interested in the psycho/emotional components of your back pain, for example.  That’s ok. Sometimes you just want relief from pain and stress.  

Others clients are curious about the energetic origins of their physical symptoms. Knowing the emotional component of an illness or injury may lead to insights that enable you to release old patterns/beliefs that worked for awhile but are no longer serving you.

What can I expect if I make an appointment? 
A typical session will consist of conversation (maybe 20 minutes), a healing during which I will lightly place my hands on your feet, legs, abdomen, chest, neck and head while you rest, fully clothed, on a massage table (30-40 minutes).  Unlike massage, I simply place my hands to channel energy. 

If you are having back pain, you may rest “face-down” while I address the spine; otherwise, most healings are done “face-up” on the table.  If for any reason this is uncomfortable, you can lay face-down, as you do for a massage.

After the hands-on therapy, I provide “energy feedback.”  This includes the condition of your chakras as well as intuitive information.  I often offer self-care suggestions. Allow 75 - 90 minutes for the session. The healings are accompanied by quiet, relaxing music.  Other than that, you are invited to enjoy the silence.  Your only job is to relax! One hundred percent of my clients experience reduced pain and deep relaxation as a result of the session.

Must a session always include hands-on healing? Suppose I just want to talk?
Simply expressing your concerns to a compassionate witness is very healing.  Deep listening allows me to tune into your essence, your soul presence.  Receiving this kind of attention is extremely validating.  

Meditation Space

Depending on your state of readiness, I may urge you to question your assumptions about life.  Dropping beliefs that are keeping you stuck is tremendously liberating.
So, no, you need not schedule hands-on therapy.  I am happy to “just talk” with clients who may want to get to know me before they feel comfortable with the hands-on work.  

What do you mean by “healing”?  
Healing is usually a process. All clients experience pain relief and deep relaxation in one session. Permanent relief involves integrating body, mind, spirit and emotions into a coherent, flowing whole. This is a process, but I can greatly accelerate your progress along the healing continuum.  Healing requires a commitment to examining what is no longer working for you and a willingness to incorporate changes at all levels of your being so that you can thrive in all areas of your life.

How much does a session cost?
An energy healing session usually runs approximately 90 minutes.  My fee is $90.

How may I contact you?
You may call 860-563-5682 (home) or 860-614-0747 (cell). E-mail me at Julie.Montinieri@gmail.com. Blue Heron Healing is located at 43 Amato Circle, Wethersfield, CT,  O6109.  Please complete the client forms (see tab on our home page) prior to your first appointment.

My Ultimate Goal 
My ultimate goal is to provide a safe and supportive space where you can claim your divine inheritance–the peace of living in harmony with yourself, others, the earth and Source. This may be God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Universal Life Force Energy or your own Higher Self.
As a result of our work together, you will be able to make positive choices for yourself, leaving self-betrayal behind. You will be in alignment with your authentic self and in better relationship with others. Without compromising your new-found integrity, you serve yourself and others in mutually beneficial ways. Life becomes a joy.

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