The Energy Medicine Healing Process

The energy medicine healing process is a fascinating spiral journey.


We come into this lifetime as innocent and radiant beings, a clean slate, straight from Source. In the birthing room we feel a palpable sense of the miraculous as parents fall in love with their child.  Within every newborn is their core essence -- pure, untainted, infinitely creative, an aspect of the Divine.


During childhood, our original spontaneity, playfulness and joy are often tamped down as parents and other authorities teach us to comply with the values of our family and culture.  Like a plant, the little soul is pruned: do this, don't do that.   We may experience subtle invalidation or blatant abuse.  It may be passive or aggressive.  As this happens we begin to hold our energy in certain ways, depending on our wounding.   Like a dam in a running stream, energy blockages restrict the natural flow of the life force through your body.

Our birthrights are violated.  Our rights to exist, feel, act, express, love and know may be invalidated.


We learn ways of coping that are initially protective.  We hold, block and suppress our energy, defending against further pain.  But our coping consciousness can become problematic.  Habitual patterns of defending originate at the energetic level but are eventually discerned in our  bodies and behavior. Our defensive strategies further obfuscate our essence

At this time we formulate beliefs about ourselves, others and the world that help us survive.  If I keep quiet, daddy won't notice me and start yelling.  If I behave, I won't be beaten.  If I get all A's, mommy will praise me.  While these beliefs helped us survive, they are often no longer true.  We came to these mistaken conclusions as children; as adults, it's up to us to revise our beliefs to reflect what we know is true now.

The Creator, Lover, Supporter, Challenger and Achiever are Spiritual Body Types that reflect the energetic armoring we adopted early on.  There's a shadow side to each type that regularly trips us up; it shows up when we get in the way of our own progress. 


We end up wearing a socially-acceptable mask.  We are who we were taught to be in order to get the love and approval we needed.  The only problem is that the mask is hiding our essence!  


Qualities that others deemed unacceptable, or that got us punished, are relegated to the shadow of the psyche.  They go unconscious and often compel our behavior.  Do you sometimes do things without understanding why? Maybe you have a self-sabotaging habit?  It may be your shadow emotions running the show despite your conscious intention not to do these things.  These lost parts long to be reclaimed and integrated so that we can feel whole again.  

How can we access these unconscious aspects of ourselves?  Look at those behaviors in others that trigger you.  Someone is too needy? Ugh!  So draining!  If you've put your own neediness in your shadow and present as 100% self-sufficient you may be invited to reclaim your right to have needs.  Not letting others help us keeps us separate and hard to reach.  Extending and receiving help become a sign of spiritual maturity.


If we don't do this work, we begin to feel restless, empty, dissatisfied.  A crisis (death, divorce, career loss) may arise that wakes us up and re-orders our priorities.  We long to recover our true self.  


So we embark on a healing journey, finding ways to meet the needs of our whole being, including our subtle energy body. Our seven main energy centers metabolize the energy associated with our  psycho/spiritual issues.  For optimal functioning they require physical vitality, emotional balance, a sense of personal power,  compassion, creativity and ultimately an awakening to deeper truth.  Meeting these needs begins at the energetic level and precipitates into the physical body and conscious awareness as we embark on a path of personal growth.


As we move into mature self-awareness, our defenses lose their grip on the psyche.  We take responsibility for our life.  We cease blaming others for our difficulties and begin to reclaim our essence.  We revive our passions, commit to larger causes and move into the flow of co-creation with the Universe.

As you begin to identify with your True Self, it becomes important to cultivate witnessing consciousness.  For example, you may experience anxiety, but you realize it's not who you are; you are the one who watches your anxiety.  You may experience  depression but it's not who you are; you are the one who watches your depression.  With mindfulness, you gradually begin to identify with your inner compassionate observer, your higher-self consciousness.


Often we feel we have dealt with an issue -- grief, loss, betrayal -- but we find that these arise again and again for deeper levels of healing.  An anniversary may trigger deeper reflection, ownership of your part in the dynamic, or forgiveness.  Over time, we look back and find how much we have grown, how far we have progressed since that circumstance set us back.

I guide you on this healing journey.  We were born in perfect unity, life took us through separation, and healing brings us back into unity -- with self, others and Source.


I help you to awaken to your true divine nature, which is eternally present as your deepest essence.  Childhood conditioning, trauma and personal defenses obscure this aspect of ourselves.  The Energy Medicine Healing Process involves undoing all this, giving up self-sabotage and ultimately realizing yourself  as an embodied aspect of the Divine -- living your potential with poise, grace and ease.

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