YouTube: The Spiritual Dimensions of Energy Medicine

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Carla Augustyn, who hosts a wonderful program she created, Spiritual Invitation.  One of my clients recommended that Carla and I meet and I'm so glad we did.

Prior to our meeting, neither of us knew we had so much in common; namely, that she studied Energy Medicine at the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, the same place I received my diploma.  We never crossed paths there; Carla attended at the beginning of the program; I was in the last graduating class.

We could have talked all day!  She is a warm and lovely woman with many teachings and offerings of her own.  (Check  She warned me that our 30 minutes "on air" would fly by and she was so right -- it seemed like ten minutes!

As a result of that fun day, I can share the show with you.

It gives a glimpse into how my energy work has expanded my spirituality.  For me, energy work is a spiritual practice.  It's not easy to articulate, but I attempt to convey the spirit of awe, wonder and humility that informs my healing work.


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