NASW/CT Approved CEC Program

Energetic Body Types:  

What They Reveal About Your Clients

Approved for six credit hours

Energetic Body Types (EBTs) are Alexander Lowen's bio-energetic character structures, updated to include the psycho-spiritual patterns of each one.  The five types are:  Creator, Lover, Supporter, Achiever and Challenger.  Each reflects a way of holding energy in the body that defends against emotional pain.  Adopted in childhood, these (unconscious) defensive patterns prevent our clients from enjoying balanced relationships and moving through life with flow, ease and grace.

Which body type is this?!

For each body type, you'll discover:
  • How they engage in life
  • Their main issues
  • Their hidden agendas
  • How they feel
  • How they make others feel
  • How they speak
  • Their human challenge
  • Their spiritual life task
  • Early imprinting
  • The energy centers most affected
  • Their shadow emotions
  • How their overall energy feels
  • What physical and emotional difficulties each body type is prone to
  • Their gifts and talents
  • Short and long-term healing practices 

You'll identify the primary (and possibly secondary) body type of a challenging client (or yourself) using assessment questions for each EBT.  This unlocks a wealth of information about the client that informs the therapeutic process.  With practice, the therapist begins to see how each body type is active, in varying degrees, within each client.

Each of us embodies characteristics of each body type.  An interesting aspect of the work is that clients' issues frequently reflect our own.  This makes us uniquely equipped to assist clients in becoming aware of unconscious programs that may be undermining their well being.  Additionally, we can guide them toward their inherent gifts and talents.


Participants will develop basic skill in the following areas with respect to each body type:

1.  Identifying the physical characteristics 
2.  Identifying the psycho/spiritual issues
3.  Recommending specific healing practices
4.  Identifying primary EBTs
5.  Understanding the energy dynamics at play

The material is presented via PowerPoint, lecture supplemented with anecdotes.  Assessment worksheets help identify the body types and provide a basis for discussion throughout the day.  We conclude with a relaxing guided meditation to integrate learning.

Our workshop space

What People are Saying...

This workshop was perfect timing for me , given my intention to integrate complementary perspectives into my clinical practice.  I will definitely be working with Julie.  She's a great teacher.

Very well organized and thoughtful presentation on a progressive subject.  Reference materials and binders we can keep are fantastic and super helpful.  Thank you so very much!

This program was awesome!  I loved our small group -- it gave us intimacy where I felt I could be authentically myself and share with candor.  

Very healing, informative and relaxing.

I liked the self-disclosure of the presenter regarding her body types. It models how we can assist our clients in appreciating the strengths and challenges of each. Julie facilitated a warm and accepting environment which supported our own evaluation of our body types.

The goals of the day were met to a high degree.

Julie presented a beautiful binder with the PowerPoint, enabling us to focus on content and immerse in examples. This material is a useful lens for clinical work -- reminding us of defensive patterns and the functions they serve. I had an enjoyable experience with useful self-reflection. The location is a beautifully relaxing setting and lunch was lovely. Julie is professional and attentive.

Superb, well-organized and thought-provoking...

The workshop provided a lens to view maladaptive patterns and defenses that clients have unconsciously formed.  The level of information was pitched at an intermediate level; it was easy to understand.  I will incorporate what I learned today in my clinical work.

This energy information adds a different perspective to therapy that's helpful and enlightening.

Excellent demonstration of the body types in the instructor.

This is an excellent program.  What I most appreciated was how Julie shared examples from her own life that show how she embraces both the strengths and vulnerabilities  of the various body types she presents.  She knows that material first-hand.

Wonderful day -- highly recommend to all!


Friday, February 21
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Blue Heron Healing
43 Amato Circle
Wethersfield, CT
$159 includes catered lunch

If you prefer to pay by check, please make it out to Julie Montinieri and send to 43 Amato Circle, Wethersfield, CT 06109.  If you prefer cash, you may pay at the door but please confirm your attendance with me in advance so I can order your lunch. 

Contact me at 860-614-0747 or with any questions you may have.

Under About Me here on the blog you'll find my resume and information about the nature of energy work.

This workshop provides an energy-based framework that helps you sense not only how your clients hold wounding in their bodies, but also what their particular wounds are.

I hope you'll join me to learn more.

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