Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Prayer for Second Chakra Radiance

Grateful that we are able to meet and meditate between winter storms, I await our moon goddesses.

For the meditation, I invite the circle to imagine themselves seated on the shoreline, with gentle warm waves rolling up around their waists, then receding. We imagine the second chakra -- the realm of motion and emotion -- as an  orange bowl nestled in our low bellies.  Each wave loosens emotional debris that had accumulated within like so much sediment.  We attend to our bowls until they glow.

We close with the following prayer:

Now that we have cleansed this pristine container within -- this radiant orange bowl -- let us always maintain its beauty.  Let it hold our emotions, that we may bear witness to them in a new way.  Divine Creator, help us to lovingly accept our authentic feelings as they arise within us, to honor the messages they bear, and to allow them to flow through us like ocean tides.  Let the sea, ceaselessly rolling upon the shore, teach us to accept what comes, and to release what's no longer needed.

May we be guided to respond to our emotions with quiet wisdom.  May we express our feelings with ease and clarity, gently or firmly as required by circumstances, hurting no one and bringing truth to bear at all times.  May we provide loving space for others as they experience their emotions.

May all communication take place in a field of grace. Strengthen our resolve to be emotionally honest with ourselves and others.  Let us know our feelings and yet not be ruled by them.

Bless the movement of emotion through our bodies. Allow nothing to accumulate -- anger, grief, sadness. Allow these to come and go, like clouds across the open sky, leaving their gifts and lessons for our contemplation.  May we accept and release the contents of our shining bowls with patience and perspective.

In this may we each find our unique power.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Give Yourself Permission!

Here's the altar awaiting our next circle.  Sea shells, beach stones, sea glass and oceanic calcite scattered around an orange bowl-- objects to honor our second chakra right to feel -- to let our emotions flow through us like waves upon the shore.

For many of us this natural impulse was thwarted in childhood.  Certain emotions earned us the disapproval of parents and other authorities (in my case, nuns!)  Our spiritual task is to give ourselves permission to allow our feelings to move through us.

As adults, we have the power to choose how to respond to our emotions.  When they're troubling  we engage our inner witness, viewing our unrest with compassion.  When they're joyful, we share with loved ones.

To have permission to feel our feelings!  Even those that were once forbidden!  Have you given yourself permission?

At our next gathering we'll settle into the low belly with the intention of releasing stuck emotions that may be locked in there like energetic sediment.  Plan to leave feeling lighter, liberated.

In the meantime, enjoy our altar in your sacred heart space.

All are welcome to join our circle.  Please click on the Workshops tab on our home page for details.