When I met Julie, I was in agony with arthritis in my right leg.  It was difficult to stand on my painful leg. Three doctors answered my complaint with pain killers that brought no relief. After only two sessions with Julie, for the first time in a year, I was relieved of all pain and able to stand on my leg. Julie is a serious, caring person who brings relief for many grateful people like me.
Phil, age 78, Real Estate Professional

When I first began my healing sessions with Julie, I had terrible pain in my feet from heel spurs. I walked with a limp and each step was extremely painful. This was very upsetting as I enjoyed walking for exercise. After each session with Julie I could feel the pain ease more and more as if it was just melting away. The healings were very soothing. My experience with Julie was extremely positive. Today I have little pain in my feet and able to go out walking once again!
Michele, age 60, Food Service Director, Nutritional Counselor

Julie's insight and gentle approach have been essential in moments where I have needed to gather my strength as I balance work and motherhood. Through her guidance I have been able to reconnect with my "inner well" so that I can, in turn, completely and fully nurture my young son and others in my life. Julie is also amazing at helping women age gracefully as they enter the new stage of freedom after their children have left the nest. She is helping women come back into balance physically and emotionally and guiding them as they find their grounding, their voices, and their purpose.
Carrie, age 37, Writer, Healer

For two years prior to meeting Julie at a meditation class she was teaching, my divorce led me to seek out my life’s purpose, as well as healing for emotional and physical issues. I had worked with various healers, doctors, and therapists. They helped me but I came to a point where my progress paused and I felt stuck. After only one class with Julie, I had the sense that she was the healer who could help me.

In Julie’s healing sessions I found a safe, loving, and compassionate environment in which to understand myself better, to heal, and to explore my soul’s purpose as well as identify what was holding me back from moving forward on my path. Julie is a gifted healer with much wisdom. Her extensive knowledge in energy medicine and connection to spirit provide for powerful healings. It is obvious that she genuinely cares about the work she is doing with me.

Julie’s various healing techniques give me relief from chronic pain in my head, neck and back. My chronic fatigue has lifted as I have been experiencing increased energy for the longest stretch of time since the onset of my post-concussion syndrome 14 years ago. In addition, her work helps me to release blockages, balance my energy, and heal emotional wounds.

She brings to light truths that are difficult but necessary to acknowledge. Julie’s gentle approach makes it easier to accept these truths and start working with them. 

Julie provides me with more than the healing sessions. She teaches me the tools that I can use every day to continue my healing and growth. At each session she provides me with reading material, reading recommendations, or personal work assignments that help with the issues that I am working on. Because of that, I am empowered to work on my own and participate in my own healing. In between sessions, Julie stays in contact with me, providing guidance or advice that I seek.

Since working with Julie, my spiritual and emotional growth has progressed steadily. What I have learned from her has been extremely valuable. I am able to deal with life’s stresses and speed bumps much better than I had in the past. I am inspired to make changes in my life and career that are leading me toward a more fulfilling life. My negative thought patterns are shifting to healthier thoughts and my connection to spirit is enhanced.

Julie has been a partner in my growth who provides strong support and guidance as I navigate my life’s journey. I am blessed and extremely grateful to be able to work with such a gifted and caring healer and teacher. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth.
Jennifer, age 39, Exercise Physiologist, Researcher, University of Connecticut

Julie creates an incredibly safe space for you to be who you truly are. She has a grace about her. I always feel loved and accepted in her presence and that sets the stage for the deepest and most powerful healing and connection. I trust Julie as a person, as a healer, as a teacher. She is a tremendous gift in my life.
Roberta, age 48, Owner, Heavenly Havens

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