Opening the Channel: Introduction to Energy Medicine

  • Are you intrigued by hands-on energy work?
  • Curious about the human energy field? 
  • Open to becoming a channel for healing energies?
  • Fascinated by the interplay of mind, body, spirit and its impact on your health?
  • Are you looking for a path of service?
  • Open to dropping beliefs that keep you stuck?  Your habitual personal defenses?
  • Ready to (vastly!) expand your self-concept? 

If yes, join us monthly to explore all this and more.

Here's How it Works!

You may attend the weekends at your convenience.  You may attend "Chakra One" weekend but not be available for "Chakra Two" weekend.  That's OK, you can attend "Chakra Two" when I offer it again next fall.   

I've designed the program to be affordable -- you pay for one weekend at a time -- and flexible.  If you can't make a weekend or two this year, they will be available again next year. In this way, over time, you can eventually take all six weekends for a complete Introduction to Energy Medicine.  The scheduled weekends are below.

For my experience and credentials, please see About Us here on the blog where you'll find my resume. I'm a graduate of the Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, with  four-years (700 hours) of comprehensive training in energy medicine, as well as a internship experience at St. Francis Hospital and Hebrew Healthcare. I'm also a practitioner in private practice with 10 years of experience.

My training and experience put me in the forefront of the field of energy work.

What is Energy Medicine?

It's both an art and a science.

Introduction to the science will include learning about your main chakras -- swirling vortices of life-force energy.  We'll delve into the energies processed through each chakra and what may be preventing you from enjoying radiant health and well being.

The science also includes specific W.I.S.E method healing techniques used to assess and balance the chakras and the overall energy system:  Synchronizing Brain Function, Full Body Energy Balance, Spinal Cleanse and Strengthening, Hormonal Balance, Adrenal Balance and Hara Alignment and Strengthening.  You will be taught when to use these techniques, their purpose and the specific steps for each one.  You will practice giving and receiving these healings in a supportive, encouraging environment.  

In addition to receiving instructions for placing hands on the body, we will open to ways of sensing the energy using your higher sense perception. We are all born with natural intuitive abilities but they often go dormant as we are raised to value logic and reason.  You will begin to recover your inborn knowing, your ability to perceive beyond the five physical senses.

Another aspect of energy work (both art and science are at play here) is identifying the five main defensive patterns that arise from how we were raised. The Spiritual Body Types reflect our adopted defenses -- a protective energetic armor -- that we all wear. The body types include the Creator, Lover, Supporter (Healer, Teacher), Achiever and Challenger.  Intrigued? Join us for a look into this fascinating framework for understanding why people act the way they do.

Saturdays will be devoted to chakra dynamics and learning/practicing basic healing technique.  On Sundays we'll cover the Spiritual Body Types (related to the chakra discussed the day before) and practice the previous day's healing. (See agendas below.)

I often (half) joke that my training in energy medicine was 50% learning energy healing techniques and 50% group therapy!  We will NOT be engaging in psychotherapy, as this is beyond the scope of my expertise.  If you would like support in this area, I am happy to refer you to professionals with the proper credentials.

We'll meet at Blue Heron Healing in Wethersfield, CT.  The atmosphere is relaxed, with respect for the nature of the work. Wear comfortable clothing.  If you have a favorite meditation cushion, bring it along.  You'll want a notebook and perhaps your journal. Binder and printed materials will be provided.

For further information about energy bodywork, see About Us on our home page.

Opening the Channel Weekend Workshops 2018 - 20019

Saturday Workshops

We'll meet from 10:00 am until approximately 3:00 to introduce you to energy system dynamics and a specific healing technique.

  • September 22, 2018 -- Chakra 1: The Ground of Your Being -- Safety, Security, Health and Prosperity.  Healing Technique:  Synchronizing Brain Function
  • October 20, 2018 -- Chakra 2: Moving into Feeling -- Emotions, Flow and Pleasure.  Healing Technique:  Full Body Energy Balance
  • November 10, 2018 -- Chakra 3: Claiming your Power -- Action, Autonomy and Inner Authority.  Healing Technique:  Spinal Cleanse and Strengthening.
  • February 2019-- Chakra 4:  Balance -- Love, Balance and Relationship.  Healing Technique:  Hormonal Balance
  • March 2019 -- Chakra 5:  Finding Your Voice -- Creative Self-Expression and Resonance. Healing Technique:  Balancing the Adrenals
  • April 2019 -- Chakra 6:  Your Vision for You -- Intuition, Imagination, Insight.  Healing Technique:  Hara Alignment and Strengthening
  • May 2019 -- Save in the event we need a make-up weekend due to winter weather

Sunday Workshops 

We'll gather from 10 am until 12:30 pm to introduce you to the Spiritual Body Types . Each one is related to the chakra discussed the previous day.  On Sunday we also practice the healing technique learned the day before.

  • September 23 -- The Creator  (Shadow:  Anxiety, Fear and I'm not home!)
  • October 21 -- The Lover  (Shadow:  Please meet my needs.)
  • November 11-- Supporter/Teacher/Healer  (Shadow:  I'll comply but resist inwardly.)
  • February 2019-- The Challenger/Leader  (Shadow:  I'll charm you into doing it my way.)
  • March 2019 -- The Achiever  (Shadow:  I'm not good enough as I am.)
  • April 2019 -- Summary and wrap-up of learning
  • May 2019 -- Save in the event we need a make-up weekend due to winter weather

    Sample Agenda, Saturday

    Chakra 1:  The Ground of Your Being

    Opening Meditation
    • Welcome 
    • Workshop Guidelines
    • How are you physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually?
    The Energy Medicine Healing Process                              
    • The W.I.S.E. Method
    • Recovering Your Core Essence

    The Human Energy Field

    • Introduction and First Chakra Dynamics
    Developing Your Higher Sense Perception
    • Ways of Sensing Energy
    • Exercises

    Healing:  Brain Synchronization

    • Instruction
    • Demonstration
    • Practice                                                            

    Healing Exchange
    • Preparing the Healer -- Meditation to Open the Inner Channel
    • Guided Practice                                                        
    Closing Circle

    Sample Agenda, Sunday

    Introduction to Spiritual Body Types:  The Creator

    Opening Meditation

    • Opening the Channel:  Bridging Earth and Sky

    • How are you today?
    Spiritual Body Type
    • Introduction to the Spiritual Body Types
    • The Creator
    • How Do You do Creator?

    Healing Exchange
    • Review and Practice Brain Synchrozination
    • Questions/comments/review
    Closing Circle


    Saturday workshops:  $195.00
    Sunday Workshops:  $95.00

    Please note that the material presented on Sunday is closely related to the material covered on Saturday.  It's optimal to take both days of the weekend, if possible, since the chakra dynamics covered on Saturday have a lot to do with the Body Types presented on Sunday.  The first day lays the groundwork for the second day.

    Early Registration Discounts

    Register with me by the Sunday prior to the scheduled workshop and your fees are:

    Saturday workshops:  $175
    Sunday Workshops:  $75

    Savings of $40!

    You may pay via Paypal, Venmo or check.  If you would like to use a credit card, please contact me.

    Contact Julie at:

    860-614-0747 (c)
    860-563-5682 (h)

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