Fall Equinox 2020

Gathering to honor the shift from one season to the next lends a sense of grounding and stability in times of great change.  Join our fire circle under the stars as we welcome fall on the Equinox 2020.

Julie touches on equinox themes including abundant harvest, letting go, and your shifting consciousness.

A simple ritual of releasing outdated (ego) patterns into the fire mirrors our intention to be free of energies that hold us back and limit our sense of self.  Gazing into the fire, we re-claim our deeper, divine identity.

Gathering around the fire is an ancient practice of joining in community and soothing our minds so that we may journey into vaster realms of knowing.  

We allow the elemental force of fire to bless us with it's teachings.

Doug Yaeger brings his exquisite drumming, chimes, crystal bowls and gong to raise the vibration in a way that you must experience for yourself.

The equinox is a point of perfect balance on the Wheel of the Year.  As the sun crosses the celestial equator and enters Libra, we are invited to create greater balance and integration in our own lives.  

Join us for an evening of deep relaxation, high vibration and infinite potential on this auspicious night.

Tuesday September 22
Rain Date:  September 21
6:30 - 8:30 pm
Blue Heron Healing
43 Amato Circle
Wethersfield CT 

Attendance is limited to 10 people.

To register, contact me at julie.montinieri.com or 860-614-0747. You may send payment via Venmo (@Julie-Montinieri) or  I can process your credit card by phone.  If you prefer to pay by cash or check, let me know.


This event is outdoors; note the rain date above.  
We wear masks until we settle into our places, which will be six feel apart.  
Your temperature will be taken. 
You are asked to sign an information and liability waiver (if you have not already done so.)


Please bring whatever you need to make yourself comfortable. Chairs are available but bring a cushion (s), blanket, etc.

Bring your journal if you have one (I will provide paper too).  

Thank you for your cooperation so we may have a wonderful and safe event!

After a long pause, are you ready to gather again?

Join us under the brilliant beauty of the Full Moon.  

We call upon the energies of Pisces -- the Mystic, the Dreamer, the Compassionate One.

We reflect on how our priorities continue to shift with the ever-changing tides of the times we live in.

We will energetically connect to the Earth and Sky.  You will experience yourself as a bridge between the stabilizing ground of your being and the cosmic dimensions. 


Julie suggests a guided shamanic journey.  You will be invited into your Inner Sacred Garden -- a place in consciousness where you may receive protection, power, and support.

Drumming will disrupt our everyday-mind brain waves and help us downshift into deeper consciousness.  You are invited into your Inner Sacred Garden -- a place in consciousness where you may receive protection, power, and support.

We've been through a lot these last many months.  Isolation.  Plates too full.  Plates too empty.  Events unfolding faster than we can keep up with them.  

This is when our practices are vital!  

Riding the waves of the Lunar Cycle is a way of connecting with the rhythms of nature.  At the full Moon the energies are maximum.  

Join our circle under the stars to bask in the potent light of the harvest moon and reflect on the abundant inner harvest available to us all as we practice creating inner space to receive it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Blue Heron Healing
43 Amato Circle
Wethersfield, CT 

Attendance is limited to 10 people.  If the weather is less than ideal, we will reschedule for the night before or after the full moon.  Please bring a blanket, meditation cushion (if you have one), and eye covering if you prefer to wear one.  

Register here:

*If you prefer to pay with cash or check, please contact Julie:

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