Friday, October 12, 2012

Igniting Your Personal Power

A Summary and an Invitation

Here's a review of our last gathering, the third in our workshop series, Sacred Silence:  Finding your Inner Compass.

 Homework (always optional) from our previous meeting included creating a sacred space at home as well as a self-care challenge -- what can you do to take care of your self (for a change)?  One woman, noting that in her entire career she had only taken 4 sick days, invited herself along when a friend mentioned she was going to the beach.  Excellent choice for nurturing one's self.  Another  shared how she decided to use her mother's hope chest in a spare bedroom as an altar; she had already begun collecting meaningful objects to place there.  A+ on our "energy homework"!

I also presented an addition to our energy anatomy -- liberating and manifesting currents.  The liberating current flows upwards -- from the dense realm of the earth up through our divine awareness  The manifesting current flows in the reverse direction, enabling us to bring our inspiration  from the ethers downward into reality.

Over the last three weeks, we've moved from the solid ground of the first (tribal) chakra, through the fluidity of the second (emotional) center, to igniting  fiery autonomy in the third chakra.  We looked at the variables that enable us to be "in our power" as well as obstacles that leave us feeling dis-empowered.  We scratched the surface of how to recover our inner authority.

One source of inner authority is the higher self.  For the meditation, I led the group on an interior journey where the higher self was invited to make "herself"  known.  This aspect of ourselves, connected to All That Is, presented an exquisite gift to each meditator.  The wisdom of the higher self is available to us at all times, if we can clear space for her -- which we are getting better at each week.

Next Monday we visit the airy realm of the heart chakra, the bridge between the upper and lower chakras.  Please join us, all are welcome.  Call 860-563-5682 to register.  The cost for this evening of peace and quiet is $10.


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