Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Lammas!

August first is Lammas or Lughnasadh, the day we honor the first harvest.  Named for the Celtic sun god, Lugh, this day celebrates the grain harvest -- or whatever you are blessed to reap over the next few weeks.

The wheel shows us the larger rhythms and cycles we are enfolded in.  We started the year with the winter solstice, which marks the incremental return of light, lengthening the dark days of winter. Yule is a time for going within, planning -- for germinating in the dark womb of the Great Mother as well as within our psyches.  As we move around the circle, through mi-winter, spring equinox, and Beltane, an idea gestating within may begin to take on a life of it's own.  We may feel it stirring in our belly, nudging us to usher its way through the birth canal into reality.

What plans did you make in that quiet, reflective time?  Have you nurtured your seedling vision? Tended it lovingly and purposefully?  Have you watched it sprout despite an obstacle or two?  Has your cherished dream taken strong root in reality, manifesting in the full light of your attention ? Are you poised to reap the rewards of your full-fledged commitment?

How might this look?  It could be a literal harvest, like my modest herb garden, inspired by my friend Pat's recent post.

Or a lovely annual.

Or a Lammas-eve cherry crisp, baking the abundance into a sweet treat.

Or displaying my growing healing practice at Wethersfield's Farmer's Market.  It's been such a pleasure, the last few weeks, to meet so many people interested in energy work and our meditation circle.

My daughter Michelle recently graduated with a degree in visual arts, a notable culmination for our family. She designed the banner that draws the curious over for a chat.

A few months ago, none of these things existed!

Such is the power of the creative impulse.  It may be just the tiniest seed, the most fleeting thought, but we draw it into reality with our focused vision and spirited follow through.  By tending to our plans and projects despite discouragement and distractions, we bring the the wisdom of the wheel to bear in our lives.  It's momentum pulls us forward; we feel a part of something larger that our separate selves.

Remember, Lammas is first harvest.  There's still time to tend to your creations!  What will you do today in service of your passion?

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