Friday, August 23, 2019

You Just Can't Make This Sh*t Up

Prior to my recent blog post, I hadn't posted anything in a almost a full year.  That's a pretty long dry spell.

What I've been finding this summer though is that the more I get back to walking, meditating, and my yoga practice, the more I want to write.  Because things come together in unexpected ways and I want to keep track of these non-coincidences.

For example, I posted my most recent blog on Saturday, August 3.  This was  highly unlikely timing because we were leaving for a vacation on Monday the fifth.  I did not have time to be composing a blog post.  We have never been abroad; never been on a cruise; never flown out of JFK; never coordinated all this with three adult children.

So I published my post in the flurry of packing everything we would need for a two week cruise in a suitcase weighing less than fifty pounds.  I wrote about being vs. doing.  Since my upbringing taught me nothing about being and everything about doing, this idea of becoming more aware of the quality of being was a radical departure from my norm.

One of my errands that weekend before we left was to see if there was any chance I could get a book I had ordered from our local bookstore.  The release date was August 6, but by then we would be in Venice.  I was hoping to snatch it early to read on vacation.

But it wasn't in the store yet, according to the young man I spoke to at That Book Store.  I'd have to wait until we got back.

The funny thing is I mentioned this book in my August 3rd post, the one where I was exploring the notion of being vs. doing.  I've always been comfortable doing.  But just being?  What does that even mean?

So this question is floating in the background of my mind as we travel.  I notice Italians have a distinctly different way of being than Americans.  In Portofino you sit by the seaside under an awning and eat lunch for three hours.  You have to ask for the check.  They bring you tangy limoncello whether you ask for it or not.

Everything is s-l-o-w-e-r and  full of old-world charm.

Our first night back home I'm up in the middle of the night because it's morning in Italy.  I putter around, change the wash, and re-read my blog on being.

A few days later I had picked up my book, Beyond the Known:  Realization.  Right there on page one of the prologue it says:

The right to be was gifted to you at the inception of your soul.

A couple of pages later, the reader is invited to  Be as you are.  Be as you are.  Be as you are.  (Prologue, xvii)

I'm sitting at Heirloom Market sipping a peanut butter banana mocha espresso (without the espresso) gasping out loud at the seamless way the universe is apparently delivering Its advice on BEING!

I should clarify that Paul Selig, the author, is channeling a group of teachers who exist in the spirit world.  If this sounds a little nuts, I understand.  But this work is so profound that I went to Burlington, VT to hear him channel last summer. IMHO, he's the real deal.

These spirit teachers call themselves The Guides.  In this new book they say:

What lies beyond the known must be understood by you, not only as your potential, but as your true inheritance.  And as you say yes to what comes, the mission of your life becomes crystal clear.  It is not what you do, it is how you be....               (Prologue, xx)


In my recent post I also wondered how I would be called to serve in the unknown future.

No problem!  The answer is literally in my lap.

Your service, we have to suggest, which is  being (emphasis his) at this tone or level of vibration, calls the principle of the Christ to the manifest world for the purpose of reclaiming it in the higher octave.                                              (Beyond the Known:  Realization, p.6)

Your service... is being....

You just can't make this stuff up!

The principle of the Christ that they refer to is not the historical Jesus.  The Christ is another name for the divinity that resides within each of us (often despite appearances to the contrary).  When we realize, or know, ourselves and all others as such, we are seeing each person's  True Self, their Eternal Self, or their Christed Self.  The divine in every man, woman and child.

Pretty wild, right?

I'm grateful that Life is conspiring to bring me back to the writing page.  My summer practices -- yoga on the cool patio pavers in the early morning shade, meditations with no time limits -- these bring me back to my self.

Or maybe they lead to a new way of being -- one less encumbered by what I have always thought I should be, should do, should have, should accomplish.

This morning on twitter?

Just be and enjoy being.  Eckhart Tolle.

You just can't make this sh*t up!

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