Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kindling the Fire of the Sacred Feminine

Our meditation circle gathers.  We take turns, reporting how we've been since last week.  Each woman's experience is received with a nod, a knowing smile, laughter.

Kathy, only 54, is undergoing hip replacement surgery this week. So instead of our usual sharing after meditation, I suggest that  we quietly make our way  to the adjacent sun room and give Kathy a healing.  Anticipating their, I wouldn't know what to do, I suggest simply placing hands and intending the most benevolent  outcome for our sister of the circle.

They're intrigued.  And willing.

As I chime the end of our meditation, everyone moves silently into place -- Kathy on the table, the rest of us encircling her.  I indicate where each one may place her hands and   murmur an invocation. The women can tune in or tune me out, per their own guidance.

And then the magic begins.

Mary, another trained healer posted at the right hip, whispers to Kathy's body, thanking the worn-out hip for it's service, alerting the surrounding muscles and tendons that the hip will be removed and replaced. She invites the entire area to accept the new hip, acknowledging the wisdom of the body to knit itself back together -- cell and soft tissue, bone and blood -- each part is invited to assist in the healing of the whole.

I rest my palms on the back of each healer's heart, supporting them in getting acquainted with their innate power to nurture in this way.  The energy being generated is visceral, pulsing in waves beneath our hands.

My sense is that Kathy is relinquishing the old -- and embracing a new way of walking in the world.

Moving forward will no longer be fraught with pain.

Pushing will be balanced with allowing.

Exertion will be balanced with rest and repletion.

The feminine aspects of her being will  rise up to balance her masculine aspects.  The inner feminine strengths of intuitive knowing, receiving and surrender will temper the inner masculine strengths of logical analysis, giving and asserting. 

These parts of herself will inform each other, yielding a greater wisdom than either side can accomplish on it's own.

The marriage of these polarities transcends either/or, becoming both/and.

All of this feels larger that one woman's journey. The air shimmers, reminding us --  as within, so without.

This what the shift of ages portends.

The Piscean Age, the patriarchy of the last 2000 years, has been one of conquest.  As we recover the lost  sacred feminine, duality gives way to unity, competition evolves into cooperation, and survival of the fittest becomes recognition of the One Being that we are. When the sacred masculine and feminine energies merge, a new age is born.

Withdrawing our hands, everyone is glowing with awe.  Kathy's hip pain is gone; she hugs each of her healers in gratitude. Each healer has been initiated -- her connection with the vast field of universal intelligence confirmed.

Later, at Kathy's request, I let the ladies know the outcome of the surgery.  It took less time than expected.  She was walking within an hour of leaving the recovery room.  By day two, she had graduated from the walker to an aluminum cane.  Kathy never rated her pain level (on a scale of 1-10) at more than 5. She requires no physical therapy.

Such is the power of intention when women gather. There's something primal in the ritual of tending to one facing an ordeal, summoning up one's presence in service to another.  The sacred feminine is born in moments like these, when healing power leaps to life like flames kindled by light and love -- illuminating an inner sanctum that has been too long dark.

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