Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Holy Trinities?

Everything seems to be happening in threes.

Recently I came across a basket of stones collected from here and there -- beaches, river banks, the edge of a stream. One is triangular, it stands up on it's own.  So I placed in on an end table with some other treasures.

Then my daughter and her love go to visit my parents in the Adirondacks.  I ask her to bring some stones if they hike up to the falls.  I have a photo of the last time we climbed there, years ago -- my mother, my two daughters, my sister, and her two girls.  Three generations of women with the falls cascading behind us.

So Meredith returns with, yes -- another triangle.  It's a larger wedge; it also stands up on one side.

Now I encounter a trio on my morning walk.  As I approach the pond, a heron takes flight.  Off she goes across the water, out of sight beyond the rushes. Seeing this, another heron alights as well.  They are both the same color as the pond -- gray green -- and would be indiscernable from their surroundings if not for the movement of their wings.

Then these two beauties reappear, with a third  in tow.  This one is smaller.  All three flying low over the pond, each set of wingtips seeming to touch it's reflection on the water.

Pondering all these threes, I realize  this has  happened in the window of the recent Star of David planetary alignment. Astrological charts of the constellation reveal the intersecting triangles. The downward-pointing triangle, shaped like a chalice, represents the feminine, while it's upward-pointing opposite, shaped like a blade, represents the masculine.

So what's up with all these triangles?

Might they portend a new paradigm? A new holy trinity?

Instead of the Father, Son and ephemeral Holy Ghost, perhaps the alignment of stars in the heavens invites us to resurrect the feminine principle -- the Goddess -- and restore her to her rightful place in the creation energies.

Father, mother, child.  Hasn't it always been so?

The potent union of these two life-giving aspects of creation yields wholeness, integration and balance.  We find our power when we blend masculine strength and feminine wisdom. Thus a new consciousness is born -- one that embraces the gifts of both halves of our divine inheritance.

Don't you feel her stirring, the Goddess?

Arranging triangles beneath our feet and across the heavens, inviting us to mine the meaning of threes upon threes.

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