Friday, September 19, 2014


Today I was visited by heartbreak.

Not mine but a client whose tender heart was raw with exposure and rejection.

As he told his story, his eyes became even more vivid blue, washed with tears.  I listened deeply as he unwound the wound -- a friendship grew into deeper feeling on his part, but not on hers.  Crushed, he kept bringing his hand to his heart.

As I placed my hands, I found swirling tension in his head, as he had been replaying his situation over and over in his mind.  In time, it calmed a little, clearing a path toward the hurting heart.  I tentatively placed my hand on the middle of his chest and found the energy there contracted in pain. I withdrew my palm, lightly placing fingertips instead, inviting Spirit into our healing circle. Soon celestial energy was pouring in through this young man's crown chakra and encircling his protected heart.

It spun like a galaxy of stars, scintillating green light. While the physical heart remained protected, the energetic heart space opened to circulate this celestial light energy, soothing and assuaging the constricted area like a warm whirlpool.

I heard the word confidence in connection with this inflow.  In my head, I'm wondering, Confidence? We seem to have the opposite here....  And yet I was given to understand that this beautiful soul, if he refused to let this experience defeat him,would emerge intact.  If he took very good care of himself, boosting his immunity against further emotional inflammation. If he expressed his feelings -- with friends, into a journal, or playing an instrument.  If he refused to withdraw into isolation and instead chose to extend himself to others -- to find or create community.  If he attended to the practical matters of his life -- getting out for groceries, engaging with his students, hanging out with his housemates -- perspective would be restored and he would emerge from this dark passage with ... confidence.

As I spoke of this he looked doubtful.  I acknowledged  that some time under the covers is allowable, smile.  It's OK to mourn what might have been.  But be on guard against self-pity and retracting into isolation.

Be aware of that celestial energy of divine love swirling within.  You are loved without condition.

I instructed him on how to activate this for himself when needed and to honor this gift of Spirit.

We embraced, truly heart to heart, and as he pulled away, I imagined I saw the light of that love already glimmering in his sky blue eyes.

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