Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Equinox Oracle

In keeping with my tradition of drawing a rune on the high holy days of the wheel of the year -- the Solstices and Equinoxes -- I pull out my little bag of oval stones and pour them onto the kitchen table.

When I place my hands over them, both thumbs rest on the same smooth stone, Kano -- the Rune of Opening and renewed clarity.  The message in The Book of Runes is so validating that it makes me catch my breath.

Earlier in the evening, I invited the Moon Goddesses (smile) of our meditation circle to draw a rune if they felt so inclined, after coming out of meditation.  I was visiting but I noticed some of the women drawing stones and going into the study to copy their messages.  I had invited them to do this so they could quickly pass the little book along to the next one looking to interpret the glyph inscribed on the stone. Because I was not paying close attention, I wondered later, as I drew my own rune, whether I had adequately introduced this self-reflective practice -- other than describing it as heavy duty!  The runes don't fool around; they often come right to the point and may not be as feel-good as the angel cards, for example.

This moment of doubt threatens to pull me in like quicksand.  The meditation itself, was it too complicated?  Did I try to do too much in one sitting? Self-healing and Earth-healing?  The pranic body we discussed -- might the new people have thought that was just too weird?  A spirit twin? An etheric double of my physical body that needs clearing and strengthening to create balance and clarity?  Tuning into the central pranic channel -- was it reasonable to expect this on the first night? To ask them to imagine themselves in the very center of the earth, drawing in celestial and terrestrial energies and radiating them out into the body of the great mother earth? OMG. Moment of panic: was it all just too much?

Apparently not.

Recognize that while on the one hand you are limited and dependent, on the other you exist at the perfect center where the harmonious and beneficent forces of the universe merge and radiate.  You are that center.

Exactly what we had done in meditation!

The author of this little book, Robert Blum, says that the Oracle's reply will always be timely and instructive.

Uh, yeah.

Forces converge when women gather.  Remember this, I tell myself, noticing how doubt has been effortlessly vanquished by the sea of prana pervading our sacred space.

Thank-you Spirit.

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