Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn Meditation

I'm sitting on the dock overlooking the reservoir.  The foliage is radiant in the late afternoon sun -- brilliant red, opulent orange, glimmering gold.

I breath softly, merging with the quiet.

Leaves drop lazily, their pliant bodies alighting on the lake with a sigh. They radiate ringlets like auras.

Gliding like tiny sailboats, they crisscross the mirror-like lake.

A warm gust shakes loose a shower.  When swirling hues catch the sunlight, tarnished yellow transmutes into gold, faded orange ignites into flame, mottled red bursts into radiant ruby.

These falling leaves take flight with abandon! They yield graciously to gravity. They surrender with aplomb.  They bob on rolling wavelets until they eventually slip under, in the ever evolving cycle of birth, death and re-birth. 

This is falling into grace -- letting go when the time is right, trusting in life's ever-shifting currents, seeing the beauty in sun and shadow, engaging with unseen forces.

Like these leaves on this fall day, may I embody the wisdom of Autumn.

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